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Dr. en Ciencias Químicas

Título de grado:  Licenciado en Química (UNRC)

Título de postgrado: Dr. en Ciencias Químicas (UNRC)

Postdoctorado: IQUIR-CONICETUniversidad Nacional de Rosario

Cargo Docente: Ayudante de Primera

Cargo en CONICET: Investigador Asistente

Tópicos de interés: Síntesis Orgánica, Inactivación Fotodinámica, Electroquímica.

Publicaciones destacadas:

10)       “Efficient and eco-friendly total synthesis of neocryptolepine and synthetic access to 6-methylquinindoline from a common intermediate”. María V. Méndez, Daniel A. Heredia, Enrique L. Larghi, Andrea B. J. Bracca and Teodoro S. Kaufman. Trabajo enviado y en evaluación. Green Chemistry, Manuscript ID: GC-ART-02-2017-000437.

9)         Electropolimerization of Functionalizaed Carbazole End-Capped Dendrimers. Formation of Conductive Films”. Daniela Minudri, María I. Mangione, Daniel A. Heredia, Luciana Fernandez, Luis Otero, Rolando A Spanevello, Fernado Fungo. Electrochimica Acta 2016, 207, 143-151. Segundo autor del grupo.

8)         “A Straightforward Synthesis of 5-Methylaaptamine from Eugenol, Employing a 6π-Electrocyclization Reaction of a 1-Azatriene Daniel A. Heredia, Enrique L. Larghi and Teodoro S. Kaufman. European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2016, 1397–1404.

7)         Photoinduced Charge Separation in Organic-Inorganic Hybrid System: C60-Containing Electropolymer / CdSe-Quantum Dots”. Manuel Otero, Thomas Dittrich, Jörg Rappich, Daniel A. Heredia, Fernando Fungo, Edgardo Durantini, Luis Otero. Electrochimica Acta2015, 173, 316-322. Primer autor del grupo.

6)         Neocryptolepine: A Promising Indoloisoquinoline Alkaloid with Interesting Biological Activity. Evaluation of the Drug and its Analogs”. Enrique L. Larghi, Andrea B. J. Bracca, Abel A. Arroyo Aguilar, Daniel A. Heredia, Jorgelina L. Pergomet, Sebastián O. Simonetti, Teodoro S. Kaufman. Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry2015, 17, 1683-1707.

5)         Neocryptolepine (Cryprotackieine), A Unique Bioactive Natural Product: Isolation, Synthesis, and Profile of Its Biological Activity”. Andrea B. J. Bracca, Daniel A. Heredia, Enrique L. Larghi, Teodoro S. Kaufman. European Journal of Organic Chemistry2014, 7979-8003.

4)         Electrogenerated Conductive Polymers from Triphenylamine End-Capped Dendrimers”. María I. Mangione, Rolando A. Spanevello, Angel Rumbero, Daniel A. Heredia, Gabriela Marzari, Luciana Fernández, Luis Otero, and Fernando Fungo. Macromolecules 2013, 46, 4754–4763. Primer autor del grupo.

3)         Intramolecular Charge Separation in Spirobifluorene-Based Donor-acpetor Compounds Adsorbed on Au and ITO Electrodes”. Daniel A, Heredia, Luis Otero, Miguel Gervaldo, Fernando Fungo, Thomas Dittrich, Chih-Yen Lin, Liang-Chen Chi, Fu-Chuan Fang, Ken-Tsung Wong. Thin Solid Films 2013, 527, 175-178.

2)         "Electrochemical Tuning of Morphological and Optoelectronic Characteristics of Donor Acceptor Spiro-Fluorene Polymer Film. Application in the Building of an Electroluminescent Device". Daniel A. Heredia, Luciana Fernández, Luis Otero, Musubu Ichikawa, Chi-Yen Lin, Yuan-Li Liao, Shao-An Wang, Ken-Tsung Wong, and Fernando Fungo. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2011, 115, 21907–21914.

1)         Spirobifluorene-Bridged Donor/Acceptor Dye for Organic Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells”. Daniel A. Heredia, José Natera, Miguel Gervaldo, Luis Otero, Fernando Fungo, Chi-Yen Lin, and Ken-Tsung Wong. Organic Letters 2010, 12, 12-15.


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